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The Game Is About To Change

The worlds of sports betting and video gaming collide in an entirely new genre of immersive sports-themed games.


Who we are

  • We are a boutique B2B games studio uniting the gambling and video games industries to deliver a new genre of betting products.
  • Recognising how players of video games enjoy the feeling of ownership and pitting their skills against other players in the global community, Playbook Fusion takes that same desire for connection and community into the sphere of gambling.
  • We develop products which offer a persistent gameplay experience allowing players to learn and adapt their strategies over multiple sessions to deliver a more compelling gambling experience.   

Meet Steve, our CEO/Founder

  • Steve, a gambling industry veteran of 20+ years, has launched a pioneering studio that is on a mission to bring never-before-seen sports gaming content to the market.
  • Steve previously worked as Chief Commercial Officer - Virtual Sports at Inspired Entertainment during which time the business unit grew to generate revenues of over $55m p.a. across interactive and retail betting and gaming sectors in 20+ countries, winning multiple industry awards.
  • “The unique experience within the team from the worlds of video gaming and gambling means we are going to create an entirely new content vertical that will take player engagement to the next level."


Meet Santiago, our Executive Creative Advisor

  • Santiago has more than 13 years of AAA gaming experience and has previously worked as Creative Director for EA Sport’s FIFA Franchise and was Executive Producer of Monopoly GO!
  • “I am thrilled to be part of a venture that stands at the confluence of gaming innovation and sports betting. We are bringing together top talent from complementary industries to carve out a new niche in betting platforms that will transform passive interactions into engaging gaming experiences, setting a new standard for what players can expect.”

Our Vision

Our Vision

  • Playbook Fusion sees the worlds of sports betting and video gaming collide in an entirely new genre of immersive, sports-themed games for operators around the world.
  • This unique collaboration will be the catalyst for a revolution in the online gaming landscape with the fusion of skill-based gaming and online/mobile betting, something the industry has yet to see.
  • Each title will offer a much deeper, persistent gameplay experience than what is currently available on the market with players using their skills to optimise their strategy, giving them a degree of ownership over the outcome and experience they have with the game.

Join us

Join us in creating a brand new genre of games that defy convention and ignite the imagination.